DEFLASH EVOLUTION for deburring rubber items

Deflash Evolution - For Lab Italia


The process is simple and requires minimal skills from the operator, the deburring machine can work in manual cycles or with an automatic process. In the latter case, the employee casually “pours” a number of moldings up to the filling of approximately 30% of the cylinder / turbine volume (normally from 4 to 8 moldings) in relation to the type of pieces and how it was designed the printout. These pieces are housed in the upper part of the cylinder / turbine in a warehouse space. At the end of the previous deburring, the material is dropped into the cylinder / turbine and it is deburred. During the work cycle, the employee has the opportunity to pour more material for the next deburring. The deburring cycle times, turbine rotation speed and other parameters are stored in the PLC and assigned to one or more articles so that they can be recalled avoiding errors. During the process it is possible to spray water to cool the material or to spray emulsions in adjustable times and duration.

The instrumentation is also equipped with an aspirator to retain residual dust. At the end of the cycle, the product is ejected through an opening held securely by a proximity sensor, which opens only in the last 5 seconds.

Cylinder diameter 400 mm


  • NO liquid nitrogen;
  • Process speed (on average 20/40 seconds per cycle);
  • Easy to use;
  • Minimum energy and air consumption;
  • Cycle management via PLC in accordance with industry 4.0.

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